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Youth For Lions is a young, vibrant sub-campaign of Blood Lions®, an award winning documentary film and campaign which sheds light on the South African commercial predator breeding, canned hunting and lion bone trade industries.

The Youth For Lions team engages with young people around the world to create an understanding of how cub petting, walking with predators and volunteering at predator farms contributes to the exploitation of our wildlife in South Africa.

We invite YOU to get involved and become part of this worldwide movement to end the cruel cycle of exploitation.

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youth ambassadors

Our Youth Ambassador Programme directly involves driven, influential young people with the Youth For Lions campaign. Our Youth Ambassadors have a passion for wildlife, conservation and education, and play a vital role in spreading awareness amongst their communities, as well as their school and university peers.

Our Youth Ambassador Programme is based on three incremental Levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold), each requiring a set of activities to be carried out by the Ambassadors in order to proceed to the next level. 

Have a look at our current Youth Ambassadors’ Activities below   ↓↓

Santhani Rungan

Santhani is a 19-year-old Medical student at the University of the Free State. Hailing from Durban, KZN, she matriculated from Eden College and was a proud member of the Durban Youth Council in 2019. During her time at school, Santhani was a member of the Eco and Interact Clubs and organised multiple Blood Lions screenings and Youth For Lions presentations for her peers.
The Youth For Lions cause is close to Santhani's heart as she is passionate about South Africa's wildlife and believes that it is vital for the youth to take an initiative in their communities.
"One of my favourite quotes is, 'Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.' "

Silver Level

Makaira Cameron Kerkhof

Makaira is a Glenwood High School matriculant studying a BCom in Marketing and Management Science in Durban. Makaira has been intrigued by wildlife his entire life and often visited game reserves on family holidays as a child. This passion for wildlife led Makaira to become the head of the Glenwood High School Environmental Club where he held a Conservation Day in 2020 to help raise awareness amongst his peers.
After witnessing lions at captive facilities during a sporting tour in 2017, Makaira began questioning the captive predator industry and researching more about it.
"My eyes were opened to the cruelty when I attended a Youth For Lions workshop in 2019 and I have been boycotting the industry ever since."

Silver Level

Arnav Dasrath

Arnav is a Grade 12 student at Eden College, Durban KZN where he was the President of the Interact club. He is passionate about serving his community and is a proud member of the Durban Youth Council of 2021. In his spare time, he enjoys writing music and playing sport.
Arnav enjoys helping people, and aims to pursue a career in the field of science which will enable him to be of service to more people around the world. Arnav joined the programme in 2021 after watching the Blood Lions film and listening to one of our Youth For Lions presentations at his school.
"During my time as a Youth Ambassador, I hope to raise valuable awareness and help educate people about this terrible industry."

Silver Level

Oliver Riley-Smith

Oliver is a first-year biology student at Durham University in the UK with a keen passion for wildlife conservation and environmentalism. He is also a WWF Youth Ambassador, which has given him the opportunity to work on the frontline of conservation in the UK, Namibia, South Africa and abroad alongside many environmental and youth organisations.
With a strong connection to nature and interests in wildlife photography and videography, Oliver is working on building his skills in a career to educate people around the world about wildlife and environmental issues. Oliver is our newest Youth Ambassador, having joined the programme in 2022.
"I really think it is important to teach young people to love, protect and appreciate our environment."

Silver Level

Stephanie-Emmy Klarmann

Stephanie is a researcher, educator, and lover of all things related to wildlife and travel photography. She has spent the last few years finding her passion by merging her interests in an exciting new field called 'conservation psychology'. Through her research, she hopes to inspire young generations to discover their own love for the natural world and develop a desire to protect it.
Stephanie believes that we are capable of achieving enormous change if we focus on building up young people and leading more compassionate lives.
"When I'm not teaching, I usually have my head buried in a book or my feet buried in sand with a camera in my hand."

Gold Level


Bronze Level


  • Create 4 unique social media posts;
  • Complete 1 of the following activities:

– Host a film screening;
– Organise a presentation;
– Write a blog post for Youth For Lions

Silver Level


  • Create 6 unique social media posts;
  • Complete 2 of the following activities:

– Host a film screening;
– Organise a presentation;
– Write a blog post for Youth For Lions;
– Propose a new campaign idea

Gold Level


  • Create 12 unique social media posts;
  • Complete 3 of the following activities:

– Host a film screening;
– Organise a presentation;
– Write a blog post for Youth For Lions;
– Propose a new campaign idea;
– Get a friend to become an Ambassador;
– Host a fundraising event

Ambassador Activities

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