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Keep It Wild
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1. Keep it wild

Don’t support facilities that buy and sell, breed, allow human interactions or the taking of selfies with any ‘wild’ animals. There is no conservation value in keeping, breeding and hand raising lions and other predators in captivity.

We recommend that instead you visit nature reserves and national parks to view predators and other wildlife in the wild. If you want to volunteer with wild animals, do your research and find organisations that are involved in real conservation work in wild areas.

2. Spread the Word

Youth For Lions needs YOUR help to spread the word about the captive predator breeding industry. If more people learn the facts about this cruel industry, fewer people will support such breeding and tourism facilities.

By talking about what you’ve learned, and by sharing our social media posts, you can help us raise much needed awareness amongst all your friends and followers.

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3. Host a presentation

You can help spread the message by hosting a Youth For Lions talk or screening of the Blood Lions® film at your school, university or social club.

Email us to find out how:

4. contact the media

Contact your local media network or newspaper about the Youth For Lions campaign, and the captive predator breeding industry.

News articles are a great way to raise valuable awareness amongst your community.

5. Pledge

Sign the #YouthForLions Pledge and SAY NO to animal interaction and captive facilities that exploit wildlife. Be part of the change.

6. support the campaign

Host a fundraiser to support the Youth For Lions campaign, and help to raise valuable awareness in the process.

Email us your fundraiser ideas for approval:

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